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About ItsDomain

Finding the perfect business name with a matching .com domain can be a challenge, but it’s essential. At ItsDomain, we’ve honed our expertise in branding to create a user-friendly platform that simplifies this process for you. We offer a rich and straightforward starting point to select excellent domain names for your brand.

When you choose ItsDomain, you’re not only gaining access to an unique .com collection of domain names, but you’re also ensuring the most cost-effective pricing in the market. Our simple online purchase process through (a GoDaddy brand) ensures that you’re ready to hit the ground running with your new domain, without any hidden costs.

Our domain names are like great brand names—distinctive, evocative, and unforgettable. They may not always be precisely descriptive or literal, but their exclusivity and distinctiveness make them easy to protect as trademarks. Some domain names feature real words, which can be beneficial for SEO and marketing campaigns for your alpha brand.

Remember, even the most prominent brands started as unusual names that didn’t convey much on their own. Effective communication and branding create a connection with the market and convey values.

Choosing the perfect domain name involves prioritizing brandability, simplicity, relevance, and memorability. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen name is unique and doesn’t conflict with existing trademarks.

A .com domain is more than just an online address; it’s a powerful asset for your brand. It’s the default domain for the world, known for its brand power and global recognition. While trademark registration can offer protection in specific regions and sectors, a .com domain’s global reach often surpasses this. Choosing a .com domain ensures that your brand has a strong, memorable online presence, setting you apart from the competition.

Consider this: would you be comfortable with another business, possibly more prominent and visible online, using your name with a .com domain? Choosing a .com domain is a strategic move that ensures your brand’s uniqueness and global accessibility.

With your purchase from ItsDomain, you acquire full ownership of your chosen .com domain.

Our domain pricing is determined using a third-party domain appraisal tool, which analyzes extensive historical sales data from millions of domain name transactions. Our goal is to offer better value than the market appraisal.

Importantly, ItsDomain does not add any additional fees beyond the sales price.
Depending on the buyer’s specific conditions, there may be tax costs associated with the purchase, which will be calculated and disclosed before finalizing the transaction. Additionally, there may be a yearly registration fee for the domain.

ItsDomain utilizes for payments, a trusted platform that supports various payment methods, including Bank wire, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard, MisterCash, Sofort, Paypal, AliPay, WeChatPay, and Cryptocurrency. is a part of GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar.

Rest assured that all payments are processed securely by Adyen, a leading global payment processor trusted by major companies like Facebook, KLM, Spotify, and Uber. Adyen holds a banking license, ensuring 100% safe and secure transactions. DAN.COM, in conjunction with Adyen, has implemented top-tier fraud detection systems to maintain a secure marketplace.

Yes, you have the option to change your mind. If you make a purchase, you can cancel your order and request a refund within 14 days of the purchase date, provided that the domain’s ownership transfer has not been completed. A 5% deduction will be applied to cover transaction costs. Please note that refunds cannot be issued after domain ownership transfer or logo download.

Yes, we offer domain leasing options. After receiving the initial installment payment from the buyer, transfers the domain from our registrar to their own registrar, granting the buyer access to the domain’s DNS control panel. will manage and renew the domain until the full purchase price is paid. Once all payments are secured, the actual ownership transfer will take place.

Lease agreements can be canceled at any time. However, since the lease-to-own program allows you to take control of the domain name, no refunds are offered for payments made during the leasing period.

All prices listed are excluding VAT.

Any applicable VAT charges will be reflected in the invoice provided by, the counterparty to the transaction. These charges are determined based on your specific circumstances.

We will refund the money if, within 14 days following payment, the transfer of the domain to the customer has not yet been carried out.

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Domain Transfers

Once your payment is confirmed, we will promptly send you personalized transfer instructions. If you buy a domain from, they will secure your payment, assume control of the domain from us, and then send you tailored transfer instructions. Please note that the transfer process may vary depending on the domain extension and registrar, but we always strive to propose the easiest and most convenient method.

If you don’t already have an account with a Domain Name Registrar, you’ll need to set one up. We will provide you with the authorization code for the domain, which you can use to request the transfer of the domain into your account.

Domain Name Registrars are authorized companies responsible for domain registration and management. To own a domain, you must have an account with a Domain Name Registrar. You’ll need to choose your own registrar before we can initiate the transfer from our registrar to yours.

We work with various registrars, including Namesilo, GoDaddy, Sav, Dynadot, and others. You can start the transfer process with one of these leading registrars.

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you’ll receive an Authorization Code via email. Your chosen Domain Name Registrar will request this code when you initiate the transfer. Please check your spam or junk folder if you don’t receive the email. Once you provide the code, the transfer process occurs in the background. Your registrar will contact us to confirm ownership and approval. Within a few hours, the domain will be ready for your use.

Once approved, domain transfers typically take a few hours to complete (though it can occasionally take up to 5 days). The exact timing is determined by your registrar’s processes, which vary. We’ll do our part to expedite the transfer, and our team is here to assist you throughout the process.

Domain Name Registrars usually charge a nominal fee for transferring a domain, typically around US$15. Additionally, there is an annual registration fee, usually US$15 or less, to maintain domain ownership, payable each year. There are no additional charges from ItsDomain after your initial purchase.

A domain name grants you exclusive rights to that specific domain, such as “,” worldwide. When you purchase a domain name, you instantly gain the right to use it for your website and email, and no one else can use it as long as you own it. This process is instantaneous.

In contrast, a trademark is quite different. Trademarks are registered for a specific location, usually a country, and a specific purpose. For instance, you might register the name “Sensout” for experience services in Portugal. Trademarks are a form of legal protection for your brand in a specific location, often taking the form of a name or logo.

Absolutely not. Trademarks are specific to the countries and purposes for which they are registered. Purchasing a domain name only grants you exclusive rights to use that domain on the Internet; it does not confer any other legal rights.

Rarely. If you own a registered trademark, and someone else holds a domain name containing your trademark but is not using it, you may have a case to argue for the transfer of the domain to you. However, this process can be slow, complex, and not guaranteed to succeed. More realistically, using someone else’s trademark in a way that could confuse their customers may lead to legal action against your business.

Suppose you want to use “,” but someone else has “” Key considerations include:
Is their website highly popular?
Is their website involved in illegal or offensive activities that could associate your business with problems?
Are they operating in a way that could be seen as confusingly similar to your business, especially if they’re in the same country?
Generally, owning the .com version of a domain provides you with the most authoritative and versatile option. However, if others own different domain extensions, you can still establish your brand effectively on your chosen domain.

Depending on the cost of the domain, you may want to take these steps before or after purchase. For inexpensive domains, you might secure the domain first and check trademarks later. For substantial investments, it’s wise to explore trademark options before purchasing.

No, but trademarks offer several valuable benefits, including protection against impersonation, legal protection against trademark infringement claims, and the potential to sell trademarks as assets. If you use a domain for commercial purposes, seeking professional advice on securing and protecting your trademarks is recommended.

No, trademark registration is a specialized legal process that varies by country. We recommend seeking legal professionals who specialize in intellectual property (IP) law in your country for assistance. You can search for “IP advice” or similar terms online to find professionals in your area.

Even if a company is already registered with a similar name, it’s common to make your formal, registered name unique by adding a qualifying word that specifies your business, such as “Digital Service” or “Media.” Alternatively, you can use more general qualifiers like “Solutions,” “Innovation,” or “International” to differentiate your brand.

If the name you want is taken on social media, you can still make your name unique by adding a qualifying word that represents your business or its industry, similar to the suggestions mentioned earlier.


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